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RY008 Smoke Inc – Slow Motion (Recycle Limited)

Smoke Inc AKA Santorini & Pepper (IT) are back on Recycle Limited with three striking tracks.

Massive tech house release!

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RY007 Kaiserbeat – Speak A Lot (Recycle Limited)

Recycle Limited Returns To The Show With Kaiserbeat (Etruria Beat, eMbi Music), including New Excellent Remixes By Refresh (Indepth, Abstract Theory, Recline), Salva Stigler (Baile Musik, Little Helpers), and the newcomer Lorenzo Invidia

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RY006 Winter Collection (Repetition Is A Form Of Change) (Recycle Limited)

RY005 Andrea Senatore (Aka Cynic) – Polar (Recycle Limited)

New release and new debut on Recycle Limited, this time from Andrea Senatore AKA Cynic. Cynic (Andrea Senatore) is a producer / composer / musician / singer. His unique and personal style is collecting appreciation in both the world of dance and contemporary music. His publications (Recycle Records, Minus Habens Records), ranging from ambient to techno, gained him the attention of movie and advertising directors.

He also collaborates with Giovanni Sollima, one of the most representative cellist/composer on the international scene. The original mix of “Polar” is a deep techno track, with sub bass, mechanical drums and melancholic melodies; the Sunset mix is more deep, with a big warm bass, ambient pads and rolling percussions. The EP includes two remixes by Guido Nemola and Santorini.

Guido Nemola’s remix is inspired by the Detroit sound: the original melody is accompanied by an obsessive bass, delayed chords and raw drums with no compromise to the dance floor. Santorini’s remix explores new territories around the deep techno: a dubby journey with rich pads, analogic synth stabs and a Dupstep inspired bass.

Four finely tuned deep tracks which go straight to the heart and brain.

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Andrea Senatore:

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RY004 Smoke Inc – Smoke Inc EP (Repetition Is A Form Of Change)

Smoke Inc aka Santorini & Pepper are back on Recycle! Support from Someone Else, Yaya, Zeitgeist, Mathias Schwarz, David Pher, DZeta N’ Basile, Limo, Roberto Clementi, Alessandro Sensini, Prudo, Chris Staropoli , Franco Bianco, Mark Graham, Dario LC, DJ Simi, Terry

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RY003 Simone Gatto – The Captain Ep

Artist :Simone Gatto, Santorini, Pepper
Album : The Captain Ep
Label : Recycle Limited
Cat : RY003
Date Release : February 2012
Genre : Tech House

Deep and dark techno by Simone Gatto, with Santorini and Pepper’s touch. Simone is an Italian DJ producer, he’s the man behind the labels “The Flame” and “Out-Er” Recordings.

Support from: Mirko Loko, Someone Else, Dzeta N’Basile, Marco Nastić, Volta, Dachshund, Limo, Luciano Esse, UGLH, YaYa, Franco Bianco,  Santorini, Guido Nemola, Alessandro Sensini and many more !

Some feedbacks:

Nice release love 3 of them but “Why Not” is my fav. thx
Mirko LoKo

Marco Nastić

Slot Machine and Why Not are my favorite here, thank you.

Nice ep guys!
Slot Machine our favorite ;o)
DZeta N’ Basile

Great release! Thanks for the music! 🙂
Franco Bianco

Great release… this is underground music! All the tracks are great!! Full support!!!
Luciano Esse

‘Slot machine’ is really nice!
Someone Else

This is what I wanna hear…Love u guys. Thanx for this “must” ep
Manuel De Lorenzi

Great release

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Recycle Limited.. not only vinyl!

Recycle Limited is on Beatport!

Volta “Uncharted” with UES and Fabio Giannelli Remixes + unreleased versions by Pepper & Roberto Clementi!

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Artist : Limo,NicoNote
Album : Party Girl  12″
Label : Recycle Limited
cat #: RY002
release date: 24/06/2011

Distribution Eletronix Network

A1: Limo feat NicoNote – Party Girl (Dapayk Remix)
A2 : Limo feat NicoNote – Party Girl (Guido Nemola Remix)
B1 : Limo feat NicoNote – Party Girl (Dachshund Remix)
B2 : Limo feat NicoNote – Party Girl (Limo Jax Mix)

Party girl grows from a a collaboration between 2 artists coming from different fields in music.
NicoNote brought her Voice and  Indie-Soul Stylings to Limo’s Club Production Sound.
The release is completed with hot remixes by Dapayk, Guido Nemola and Dachshund.

This simply but very Cute and intense Spleen made Party girl be here!  Enjoy !

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Feedbacks :

RICHIE HAWTIN: download Guido Nemola Remix for r hawtin

DANI CASARANO: Daschund mix

JUN AKIMOTO: cool release! ful support!


MARCO FARAONE: Nice Ep..Good originals and remixes… Support from me M

MOTOR CITY SOUL: Dachhund remix sounds like a perfect tech tool, looking forward to trying this one out!

KIKO MARTINEZ: very good music… nice vibes!

MANU L: Great release i like allmost all the version but i think the guido nemola bassline make the difference!!! Play it for sure

TIMO MAAS: downloading for timo maas…

HUGO: good stuff..Dachshund rmx for me

UGLH: Cool rmxs. Dapayk and Dachshund are great. Thanks

TSUGI MAGAZINE: nice remixes

ADRIANO FILIPPUCCI: Guido rmx is for me–thank u

ALLAND BYALLO: Dachshund and Nemola remixes are super, especially the former.

DANIEL SANCHEZ: damn fine ep here!, i like the dapayk and the dachshund remixes a lot!

FEYGIN: great remix from Limo Jax .. vocal is lovely..


ECHONOMIST: Guid Nemola and Dachshund are surely my favorites!!!

DZETA N’ BASILE: Nice journey in the Guido Nemola mix! Support from us!

AUDIOJACK: Downloading for Audiojack

LUCIANO ESSE: Dachsund rmx is the bomb!

YAYA: Nemola remix is cool! my favourite. Thanks.

FLORIAN KRUSE: pure groove by Dapayk! digging it!


CHRIS LATTNER: Dachshund remix kicks me…

SEBASTIAN LUTZ: Dachshund is top…great package..thx

PACO OSUNA: Dachshund rmx for me 🙂

BUTCH: Dacshund remix is dope

JORGE SAVORETTI: Guido and Dachshund remixes are great! nice deep gems

HERMANEZ: will check it out ! thanks !

MIRCO VIOLI: Dachshund remix is great !!!

MIHAI POPOVICIU: dachsund remix for me, nice one!

MARK GRAHAM: Amazing release guys!! the vocal is unreal!!! LOVE it.. Favs are Guido Nemola Remix for early doors and the dachshund mix for later on 🙂 thanks for the promo


FRANCESCO BONORA: Guido Remix and Limo Jax Mix are superwonderful, this is cool cool music with a great vocal! congrats guys, will chart

SOMEONE ELSE: Dapayk mix is nice.

SLAM: cool trax – playing thanx

COSMIC COWBOYS: Limo Jax Mix for us!!

CARLO LIO: Limo mix is cool

SANTORINI: Full support 🙂

LUCIANO: Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

JAFFA SURFA: Dachsund remix for me! will try out… thanks

SALVATORE FREDA : me gusta la Dachsund rmx mucho ! gracias… will play 😉


Radio Shows :

Plastic City Radio Show by Lukas Greenberg

RY001 – Volta – Uncharted (Recycle Limited)

Welcome to the new ‘Recycle Limited‘ label, Launched to explore the deeper and darker side of house music.

The first release is from Swiss artist, Volta.

Having first been drawn to music at the tender age of 7, tempted by the lure of his elder brother’s Dj equipment and synthesizers, Volta has since gone on to become one of the most respected industry figures in his home country.

At 16 he was gracing Ibiza decks alongside Alfredo and soon after exploded onto the Swiss scene, playing alongside many of the worlds biggest names. 2003 saw him open the VR Records shop in Lausanne and found R-Productions, an event agency that continues to organize big electronic events in Switzerland. The same year saw Volta set up his very own DJ School, where he teaches not only the techniques of mixing, but also computer assisted music.

Recently he has been pursuing his own sounds in the studio. Some of which, his collaborations with fellow Swiss artist Salvatore Freda, have been snapped up for release by such respected labels as Liebe*Detail, Music Man and Remote Area.

Today however Volta flies solo, and in the finest of fashions on ‘Uncharted’. A deep, percussive, mystical feel envelops the listener as the tribal drums pound, the bassline evolves and the melody carries us to another place.
Volta “Uncharted” (Original Mix)

Audio clip: é necessario Adobe Flash Player (versione 9 o superiore) per riprodurre questa traccia audio. Scarica qui l’ultima versione. Devi inoltre avere attivato il JavaScript nel tuo browser.

Our Italian friends call on two of their talent young countryman to provide the remixes. UES fresh from his work with All Inn Records and Inmotion Music delivers yet another nod to the classic sound of house with his bass heavy remix, which manages to catch the very last rays of the summer in its vibe.
Volta “Uncharted” (Ues Remix)

Audio clip: é necessario Adobe Flash Player (versione 9 o superiore) per riprodurre questa traccia audio. Scarica qui l’ultima versione. Devi inoltre avere attivato il JavaScript nel tuo browser.

Closing the release is District Raw boss Fabio Giannelli, who turns in the aptly titled ‘Freaky Remix’. Keeping the original’s air of mystique, and playing heavily on its rotund bassline, the rolls along in a somewhat lazy but highly effective manner. Watch out for the marauding vampire bats!
Volta “Uncharted” (Fabio Giannelli Freaky Remix)

Audio clip: é necessario Adobe Flash Player (versione 9 o superiore) per riprodurre questa traccia audio. Scarica qui l’ultima versione. Devi inoltre avere attivato il JavaScript nel tuo browser.


Alex Niggemann – “UES Remix for me..”

Andrew Grant – (DC-10/Barraca) – “All mixes are ace.”

David K – “Cool release, will try Uncharted.”

Oxia – “I like all tracks, for sure I’ll play.”

Alex Picone – “I prefer UES remix.”

Nick Curly – “Support for the Original Mix!”

Layo – “Liking the original and mixes.”

Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “What a beautiful music!!! Original is supreme and deep full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”

Karlos Sense – (Ibiza Sonica) – “Full support in Ibiza. I like Uncharted Original.”

Chris Ç – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Cool remix from Giannelli. Will play all three possibly but as I said, Fabio has done it for me…” – “To be reviewed.”

Julien Chaptal – “Really like the original track!”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Like this! Will support.”

Feygin – “Very nice release.. love fabio’s mix the most.. slow and groovy.”

Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Nice variation between the mixes. Really like Fabio’s one.”

AFFKT – “UES Remix is great ep!”

Anja Schneider – “Uncharted original sounds interesting. Gonna check it.”

Jose de Divina – “The original for me, good track, I play it.”

AFFKT – “Great EP!!”

Chris Tietjen – (Cocoon) – “Super remix from UES!!”

Arnaud Le Texier – “Fabio’s remix for me.”

Pirupa – “Groovy remix by UES! Will try out!”

Greg D – ( – “Like the Fabio remix will give it a spin.”

Club Madnezz Holland – “Original Mix..nice deep stuff.”

Supported by Claudio Coccoluto

Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Uncharted slo mo funked sizzler.”

Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Nice tracks…great bass sounds!!!”

Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “UES remix!”

Makossa – (Radio fm4 / Vienna) – “Original Mix is nice.”

Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) – “UES Remix is a bomb! Full support!”

Russ – (i-DJ Magazine) – “UES Remix..Nice deep vibes.”

Tsugi Magazine France – “Original Mix is pretty coool.”


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Now On Beatport with unreleased remixes by Pepper & Roberto Clementi!