Fabio Giannelli

DJ Set :
The young and talented Fabio Giannelli was born in 1986 in Italy and started djing when he was 13. Early influenced by the new electronic sounds he decided to buy the first sequencer at the age of 18 years old and started to increase his attitude in music.

In 2006 he officially entered in the music scene with his first official release and in these years his releases received big support from djs like: Richie Hawtin, Mathias Kaden, Luciano, Luca Bacchetti, Martin Landsky, James Holden, Dave Ellesmere, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Marco Resmann, Tiefschwartz, Dan Ghenancia, Marco Carola, Ripperton, Someone Else, Karotte and so on…Continuously renewing himself and with an eclectic spirit nowaday he’s working for labels like ,Supernature,BangBang,Recycle,Thirtyonetwenty , Supplement Facts, OFF, International Freakshow, Material Series and last but not least for his new coming vinyl label District Raw.



-May 22 [Bangbang!] – 2010

-Got The Gap EP [DIstrict Raw] – 2009

-Blues Brunch [Adult Only] – 2009

-1Hundred Years Later – (Off Rec.) – 2009

-Chanletters EP [International Freakshow]- 2009

-Growing [Supplement Facts]- 2009

-Trinidad e Tobago EP [Thirtyonetwenty]- 2008

-Japan Woman (Off Recordings)- 2008

-Esperanza (Bond Records)- 2008

-Bronze EP (Material Series) -2008

-Confused Town EP (Logical Musik) -2008

-Stock The Confusion (Maschine)– 2007


-Yakine – Bazingue EP (District Raw) – 2009

-Santorini – Escuchar Conv. (Recycle R.) – 2009

-Limo – Hands On (Undercut Records) – 2009

-Marco Esse – Caco Ner Teroso (Suara) – 2008


-Fabio Giannelli – Phat and Floating EP(incl Steve Lawler + Amelie Remixes)[Supernature]

-Volta – Uncharted(Fabio Giannelli Rmx)[Recycle Limited]

-S.M.A.L.L – Fat Sundaze(Fabio Giannelli Rmx)[District Raw]

Tracks appeares on:

Fabio Giannelli – Trickertong – Appeares on “The Best Materials”[Material Series] – 2010

Fabio Giannelli – Trinidad e Tobago – Appeares on “Private Fiction Vol.9”[Universal] – 2009

Some of the Clubs and Party he played in:

-Rex Club (Paris – France)

-D!Club (Lausanne – Switzerland)

-La Ruche (Lausanne – Switzerland)

-The Egg (London – UK)

-Comics Club (Varna – Bulgaria)

-Studio 80 (Amsterdam – Nethelands)

-Le Carrozzerie (Roma – Italy)

-Club King (Livorno – Italy)

-Classic Club (Rimini – Italy)

-Transition (Brindisi – Italy)

-Echoes (Rimini – Italy)

-Public House (London – UK)

-Gold Club Renegate (Plovdiv – Bulgaria)

-Liquid Festival (Barcelona – Spain)

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Info booking:luigi@recycle-records.com