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REC130B Dipo – George Blooney (Recycle Records)

Recycle Records Is Back, Presenting New Italian Duo Dipo.
Brill Hi Quality Modern Deep House, Plus Stunning Remixes By Luca Ferrari, Max Rosardo (OFFICIAL), And Portofino-Sunrise Italy

Big with DJ Sossa, Philipp Wolgast, Standard Fair, Omar Salgado, Mike Anderson, Fideles, Beat Movement, Uncle Dog, Garance, A.d.M.a., Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola, Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Chico Perulli (Nite Clerks), DJ Nori (JP), Sam Divine, Intermedium, Carlo Toma, GR8 studio Moscow, Proton Radio, Alexander Filimonov, Leo Aguiar, Salva Stigler, Antonio Passero
Downloaded for Maceo Plex, DocePulgadas Radio Show

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REC128 Alessandro Perugino – Flight To Detroit Ep (Recycle Records)

Quality underground jams from the Italian newcomer Alessandro Perugino, plus a deeper reinterpretation from Lorenzo Invidia.
No commercial top 10 stuff on here, just visionary and eclectic techno.

Big with Philipp Wolgast, Sossa, Fideles, Sam Divine, Kaiser, Cristian Carpentieri, Angelo Mele, Beat Movement, A.d.M.a., Chico Perulli, Jorge Savoretti, DJ Nori (Japan), Max Rosardo, Guido Nemola, Garance, Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Alessio Collina; Downloaded by Richie Hawtin, Neverdogs, DocePulgadas

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REC127 Garance – Abasourda (Recycle Records)

Garance Delivers An Intelligent Sounds Journey, A Different Vision Of Todays Underground Dance Music.

The EP Includes A Deep And Evolving Remix By Guido Nemola.

Support from Luca Doobie, Kiss FM, Angelo Mele, Roberto Clementi, Cristian Carpentieri, Salva Stigler, Ivo Toscano, Sam Divine, DJ Nori (Japan),

Max Rosardo, Chico Perulli, Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Beat Movement, Antonio Passero,  Dario LC, A.d.M.a., Central Rodeo

Downloaded from Richie Hawtin, DocePulgadas

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REC126 Christian Farias & Luigi Gori – Better Than You EP (Recycle Records)

Christian Farias & Luigi Gori – Better Than You EP
Warm Slow Motion Deep House Banger, Plus Two Stomping Remixes By Max Rosardo And Herr Spiegelhauer

Support from: Sam Divine, Marques Wyatt, Miguel Toledano, Luca Doobie, Kiss FM, Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Uncle Dog, Vivaz, Guido Nemola, Petar Cvetkovic, Jan Hendez, Martin Patino, Sandro Beninati (Kittball Records), Miki, Sonartek, Luis Martinez, Gorbani, Alex M, Benji, Hellen MIlls & Maxim Sunbeat, Barbur, Indira, GgDeX, DJ Nori (Japan), Dirty Culture, Miguel Lobo, Farfan, Matteo Gatti, Alessio Collina, Littlefive, Enzo Leep, Elio Riso, Dimitri Monev, Youngerbros, Chico Perulli, Submantra, Emanuel Satie, Flow, Michael Otten

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REC125 A.d.M.a. – Love To You EP (Recycle Records)

The Young Italian DJ and Audio Engineer A.d.M.a. (Re-Vox, Recline, Lapsus, Rare, Habla, eMBi) Returns To Recycle Records With Three Hypnotic & Groovy Tracks

Support from Philipp Wolgast, DJ Nori (Japan), DJ SOSSA, Mihai Popoviciu, Chico Perulli, Carlo Toma, Max Rosardo (OFFICIAL),
Kiss FM, Refresh (Italy), Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Fideles Fideles, Angelo Mele, Lars Wickinger (So What Music)
Gianni Sabato, Uncle Dog, Guido Nemola, Mark Ramsey Aka Mark D FunKtion, Benoit (Tsugi Magazine), Kaiserbeat

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REC123 Max Rosardo – Get Ready EP (Recycle Records)

True Deep-house 4 tracker comes from the Naples-based DJ Max Rosardo:
Spacey Vibes and good feelings to the floor.

Support from: Felipe Venegas, Benoit (Tsugi), Sam Divine, G.U.A, Marques Wyatt, Quantizers, Luca Doobie, Mike Anderson, Salva Stigler, Nori (Japan), Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Fideles, Chico Perulli, Ivan Iacobucci, Kiss FM Ukraine

Downloaded by: Maceo Plex, Sossa, Luciano, Rodol Esteve (DocePulgadas), Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag)

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REC122 Refresh (Italy) – Once Again EP (Recycle Records)

REC122 Refresh (Italy) – Once Again EP (Recycle Records)

Following his breakthrough releases on Plastic City, Recline, Re-Vox and Abstract Theory, the italian producer Refresh is back on Recycle Records with 3 Deep & Tech tracks. The EP includes a slamming remix by Kaiserbeat (Etruria, eMBbi, Gos).

Support from Luca Doobie, Ivo Toscano, Sam Divine, Luca Agnelli, Sossa, Jorge Savoretti, Limo, Uncle Dog, DJ Nori, Giorgio Valletta (DJ MAG Italia), Francesco Bonora, Salva Stigler, Mike Anderson, Lars Wickinger, Max Rosardo, A.d.M.a., Fideles, Rodol Esteve (Doce Pulgadas), Lilly Lab, Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Chico Perulli, Steve Mantovani, Carlo Toma, Garance

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REV002 Guido Nemola – The Storm (Recycle Records )12″ hand stamped, Vinyl Only

The italian producer Guido Nemola delivers 2 deep and mindblowing tracks.
Known for his releases on several labels such as Abstract Theory, King Street, Revox, Guido appears on this limited edition release of his own Recycle Records.
The feeling is old-school groovy chicago house, approaching with effective arrangement and a perfect mix of atmospheres and warm patterns.

Limited blue vinyl, buy on | | LeDisque | |  MixMarket |


REC121 Atimpuri – Delita EP (Recycle Records)

Atimpuri Presents A Fine 4 Track Ep, A Journey Into Cosmic Atmospheres And Raw Techno.

Support from: Shlomi Aber, Yaya, Luca Doobie, Limo, Sam Divine, Fresh Tee (Dubinsky), Mirko Paoloni / Radio Party Groove, Lilly Lab,  Pascal aka G.U.A,  Mike Anderson, Max Rosardo,  Alessio Collina, DJ Nori, Refresh (Italy), Benoit (Tsugi Mag), Chico Perulli, Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag), Steve Mantovani, Kaiserbeat, Benji Candelario

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Some feedbacks:

Artist Feedback
Yaya (Desolat) Really nice, thank you!
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove Great ep!
Lilly Lab Delita for me! thanks,super 🙂
Luca Doobie nice 🙂
Pascal aka G.U.A For me one of the best producers in Italy right now! Revisited and threesome are my fav!
Limo Suuuuper !!!
Sam Divine Nice EP!
Mike Anderson Big up really great ep!!! Will play for sure
Max Rosardo Atimpuri – Delita. I love this !
Fresh Tee (Dubinsky) Smooth ! Delita is my fav . Thanks!
Alessio Collina Another amazing ep from recycle records! thnx! will play this friday!
Shlomi Aber cool stuff .. thanks
DJ Nori Explore is cool.
Refresh (Italy) Great job, always good music, thanks!!
Benoit (Tsugi Mag) Delita for me
Chico Perulli Support!
Giorgio Valletta DJ Mag Italia
Steve Mantovani Explore & Revisited are my fav tracks
Kaiserbeat big up for Atimpuri, big relase!
Benji Candelario Good EP

REC120 Felix Fossil – Ultraviolet EP (incl. Mark D FunKtion Remix) (Recycle Records)

Felix Fossil – Ultraviolet EP (incl. Mark D FunKtion Remix)
Pure deep and hypnotic house cuts for those who knows
Early support by: Laurent Garnier, Someone Else, Luca Doobie, Marques Wyatt, Limo (Transition Lab), DJ Sossa, Sam Divine, Pablo Bolivar, Lars Wickinger (So What Music), Pepper (IT), Mike Anderson, Angel Mora / Moo Ve, Max Rosardo, Dario Lc (Helsat Rec), Fresh Tee (Dubinsky), Rodol Esteve (DocePulgadas), Calma, DJ Nori (Japan), Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove), Chico Perulli (Nite Clerks), Gianluca Pighi, Marko Nastic, Fideles, Refresh
(Italy), Giorgio Valletta (DJ Mag), Steve Lawler, Summer (Brendon Collins), Dirty Culture!
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